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Henry the Blue Monkey


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The message of the book is simple, relevant with families today, and fun to read aloud. The description on the back cover colorfully represents the book’s message:

Henry is a little monkey . . . and he happens to be blue. On the first day of school, Henry realizes that he doesn’t exactly fit in because all the other monkeys are brown. When Henry’s classmates tease him, it’s not easy. In fact, for the first time in his life, Henry feels sad, lonely, and different.

Thanks to his family’s loving encouragement, Henry learns that being unique is what makes him special. When he starts to doubt himself, Henry remembers his parents’ words, “Being different is good!”

As Henry experiences both good days and bad days at school, he creates superpower words to remind himself that he is special, loved, strong and brave. When Henry repeats these positive words every day, he starts to feel like a real superhero—a blue one at that!

Henry discovers in one way or another we’re all different and that's what makes us special. Join this endearing blue monkey as he overcomes insecurity with love, acceptance, and a few superpowers.

Nominated "Best New Children's Book of 2016"

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