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Henry the Blue Monkey


After her nephew’s death, Linda moved to Seattle, Washington to help out with her grand nephews, a three-year-old and a newborn. While still deep in the grief process, she managed to find an illustrator and publicist to join with her on this project to bring Henry the Blue Monkey to life. “Looking back, I am not sure how I got through it all. I made a lot of mistakes but I felt my nephew’s presence guiding me through and rooting for me to finish this book. I believe with all my heart that Henry the Blue Monkey can help children everywhere get through difficult times, find self-confidence, and feel special in their uniqueness.

"I want to tell my story and explain why the message in this children's book is so important. We continue to live in a world surrounded by fear, separation, the harsh reality of dealing with bullies, and a lack of love and understanding for others. So many anti-bullying campaigns exist already, but I wanted to be more proactive by inventing a character little children could understand -- to give them a positive role model in Henry the Blue Monkey.

 “I want to help make the world a better place where we accept each other’s differences. I also want to open the door of communication between parents and their children to talk about life and what matters most and how to accept each other. I’d like to see a transformation in the world where instead of devaluing our differences, we embrace them. We must work together to create a future and culture of acceptance.

 “I hope for a future where we can appreciate our differences knowing that each one of us is unique and special, different from our brothers and sisters and friends, and that being different is good. Teaching our children to believe in themselves; encouraging parents to take an active role in cultivating that belief; building self-confidence and acceptance of others in a safe and loving environment, all the while, celebrating our differences.”

Out of silence, reflection, and tragedy, a new voice is born, speaking to children everywhere – in the form of Henry the Blue Monkey. All is forgiven now between sisters – and who knows, perhaps in Henry's adventures, he will meet a little bunny in the forest with a different colored tail, and they can change the world together.

Linda's Story (Continued)

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